‘Lazy Girl’ Sunless Tan

I love a good tan in the summer. But, being a redhead, this can prove quite challenging. I have super fair skin, and burn easily in the sun. Furthermore, my risk of skin cancer is wayyy higher due to my low melanin levels. I have tried things like spray tans, or Jergens gradual tanners from drugstores. They always look so unnatural; I was sending out major oompa loompa vibes. When I starting repping cosmetics, I was hesitant to try St. Tropez bronzing mousse. Now, I am HOOKED. It is hands down the best product on the market for sunless tanning. And it is also very user friendly.

Now, I have so many beauty products and to be honest a lot of them take way too much time to use in a regular regimen. Most people would suggest that before you self-tan, you should shave, and exfoliate, and lotion the dryer areas (elbows, knees, etc.) Me? I like to ‘lazy girl’ tan. I take my mousse and mitt, before bed, and apply where I want to tan — I usually go with legs, arms, and tummy. The colour takes 6-8 hours to develop, so I go to sleep. It does not transfer to my sheets. Then, in the morning, I can see my tan fully developed. I hop in the shower, and use my loofah to buff it out a little, ensuring an even finish. The shower also rinses off the top layer of color (called the guide color) and leaves your golden tan on your skin.

If I have any spots that I missed or need to even out, I take my bronzing spray, spray the neglected area, and use the mitt to rub it in evenly. VOILA! A perfect, beautiful, bronzy glow. St. Tropez has a DHA which will tan your skin two shades darker than your natural skin tone. For me, it lasts around a week, as long as I keep my body moisturized.

The formula for my ‘lazy girl tanning’ is apply, sleep, rinse. Keep it simple, and happy tanning!

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.54.10 PM

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