My Clear Skin Secret Weapon

Hey everyone! For a long time, I struggled with my skin. Any imperfection was the source of huge insecurity. To clear my skin, I have used scrubs, peels, antibiotics and much more. While they did their job to smooth, they unfortunately brought dryness and dullness to my skin. Today, I would like to tell you my secret weapon to my clear, bright skin. But first, let me give you a quick ‘science Ki’ summary of what causes acne and why.

Thanks to Microbiology, I have learnt a thing or two about what inhabits our skin – SO MUCH BACTERIA. These little guys live naturally throughout our body. Many species of bacteria actually help us so much (for example – digesting our food, producing neurotransmitters to regulate our mood). But, overgrowth of certain bacteria can also cause us lots of grief.

What causes acne? A bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes. This bacteria lives off of sebum in our skin. Sebum levels often rise during adolescence and young adulthood due to hormones. More sebum = more food for these little guys. Consequently, they multiply rapidly. As they grow, they trigger inflammation in the pores. This inflammation causes blockage in our pores. This inflammation and blockage is what we are all familiar with… acne!

One characteristic about this bacteria is that they hate oxygen – ie. they can’t tolerate environments where oxygen is present. This is why they are happy living in our oxygen-free pores, surrounded by sebum, where they can nourish themselves and grow to their heart’s content.

This is where my secret weapon to super smooth skin comes in… 

I use a triple oxygen foaming mask by Bliss Skincare. This five-minute mask boosts oxygen into your pores, killing the bacteria. It’s antibacterial properties help to minimize the population of P. acnes in our skin. No bacteria, no inflammation, no acne. Furthermore, it brightens and moisturizes the skin, so we don’t have to deal with dry, flaky skin that is usually the bi-product of most topical antibiotics used to treat acne. This mask goes straight to the source – and hits what is causing the inflammation in the first place. It addresses the root problem that our skin is faced with.

To use this, I wash my face. While my face is clean and damp, I apply a few pumps of the mask. After a few seconds on my face it will foam up. Then, the foam starts to tickle your face (this part feels so funny). It is pushing the oxygen into your skin. I leave it on for about five minutes, or until all the foam has finally dissapeared. Finally, wash off and continue with my regular skincare regimen. I use this every second morning, because it instantly brightens my skin and gives me a nice glow for the upcoming day!

I honestly noticed my skin was less irritated and red after one use. After a few uses, I noticed my breakouts were clearing up. Now, I use it still to prevent breakouts. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again, and feel confident when I leave the house with no makeup. I love this mask, and I hope you do too! Comment below your questions or thoughts.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.54.10 PM

3 thoughts on “My Clear Skin Secret Weapon

  1. I absolutely love this stuff! The slight tingling makes my skin feel so awake and clean! Even though I feel squeaky clean there is ABSOLUTELY no dry or tight sensation either! I’ve even used it on my boyfriend.
    Thanks for the recommendation Ki!

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