150 Reasons Why Canada Is Awesome

This Saturday is Canada Day… and this year is its 150th anniversary. From West Coast to East, I am so grateful to live in such an amazing country. Here are 150 reasons why we are ‘True North Strong and Free’.

  1. Poutine (yum!)
  2. We have the amazing Rocky Mountains
  3. Extreme diversity
  4. Winnie the Pooh is from Canada
  5. The scenery is beautiful
  6. Change of seasons – fall is my favourite 
  7. Hot summers on the lake
  8. Great beers like Molson Canadian 
  9. People are polite
  10. Many talented artists and actors originate from Canada
  11. Huge country with lots of space
  12. We are fortunate to be able to drink our tap water
  13. Hockey! (I am partial to the Oilers)
  14. Pretty governmental architecture
  15. We are free 
  16. Hawaiian pizza originated in Canada
  17. We have the highest proportion of college grads
  18. Women have rights and can be educated
  19. Maple syrup
  20. ‘Tire a sucre’ as a French Canadian tradition
  21. Polar Bears
  22. We have more lakes than all other countries combined
  23. We are able to travel around the world freely
  24. Tons of donut shops
  25. Write to Santa (a Canadian citizen) and get a reply back
  26. Our $100 bills smell like maple syrup
  27. No rats in Alberta
  28. Toonies and Loonies
  29. Tim Horton’s
  30. Stanley Park (1001 acres!)
  31. London Drugs
  32. Quebec City
  33. Farmers in the Prairies
  34. Alberta Beef
  35. Most gold medals ever won at the winter Olympics in Vancouver
  36. Insulin as a treatment for diabetes discovered in Canada
  37. Lacrosse
  38. The RCMP
  39. Longest Coastline
  40. We invented the electron microscope
  41. Margaret Atwood was born here (one of my favourite authors)
  42. West Edmonton Mall – one of the biggest malls in the world
  43. CN Tower in Toronto
  44. Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan
  45. Hudson’s Bay Company
  46. Amazing clothing lines – like Aritzia, Lululemon, Simons
  47. Long ski seasons
  48. Crispy Crunch Chocolate Bars
  49. Calgary Stampede
  50. Cute elk and deer
  51. Public Health Care
  53. Our most bought grocery store item – Kraft Dinner
  54. Niagara Falls
  55. Vodka made from icebergs
  56. Underground Physics lab (SNOLAB)
  57. Alberta badlands – lots of dinosaur research conducted here
  58. Double Doubles
  59. Ketchup and All Dressed Chips
  60. Resources for small business owners to startup their business
  61. Many amazing social help programs
  62. Hot chocolate on cold winter days
  64. Large amount of oil to support the economy
  65. Kayaking along the rivers
  66. Low crime rate
  67. High quality of life 
  68. Mike Meyers (Shagadelic, baby)
  69. Democratic society
  70. Titanic was written and directed by a Canadian man
  71. Butter tarts originated in Canada
  72. Canadian Girls
  73. We add ‘u’ to many words to spice them up (like colour, flavour)
  74. We are known to apologize
  75. Kinder Surprises
  76. Maternity and Paternity leaves for new parents
  77. We use the metric system for measuring
  78. Maple Fudge
  79. Beautiful National Parks (like Jasper and Banff)
  80. People are kind
  81. Bring your own cup to 7-11 day (for huge slurpees) 
  82. Financially stable
  83. Nice national anthem
  84. Cute animals on all of our coins
  85. Romantic Montreal
  86. Hip Victoria Island
  87. Dense forests
  88. Peaceful with other nations
  89. Drake 
  90. Fresh smell of spring
  91. Dancing Northern Lights
  92. Our Hot Prime Minister
  93. Indigenous Culture
  94. Able to travel the country with Trans-Canada Highway
  95. The Great Lakes down East
  96. Hiking Trails
  97. Dogsledding
  98. Fishing
  99. The Revenant was filmed in BC … and so was Twilight
  100. The Weeknd
  101. Hilarious comedians like Jim Carrey and Seth Rogen were born here
  102. Human Rights
  103. We have clean air 
  104. McCain foods supplies French fries for all over the world
  105. Promote social justice with our many protests and rallies
  106. We can speak our opinion without fear
  107. We can be ourselves and be accepted
  108. Incredible Artwork
  109. Plastic bills that don’t rip
  110. Our yummy smoked meats
  111. Endearing Canadian accents
  112. High life expectancy rates and low infant mortality rates
  113. Legalized same sex marriage and supportive pride parades
  114. Timbits
  115. Creative people
  116. The Canadian flag
  117. Nanaimo bars
  118. Unique McDonald’s menu items
  119. Two amazing holidays in one month – Thanksgiving and Halloween
  120. Maple dip donuts
  121. CFL
  122. Out door rinks
  123. Playing roll up the rim
  124. Victoria Day holiday
  125. Climbing mountains
  126. Summer campfires
  127. Beavertails
  128. Music Festivals
  129. Support for people suffering from mental health issues
  130. Curling
  131. Snowshoeing
  132. Zambonis
  133. Caesars (known to be a great hangover cure)
  134. Cute winter gear like touques and mittens
  135. Hot Springs
  136. Glacier Water
  137. Lake Louise
  138. Rodeos
  139. Camping
  140. Soon legalization of marijuana
  141. Don Cherry
  142. French’s Ketchup
  143. Hickory Sticks
  144. Coffee Crisp chocolate bar
  145. We are a more fit and health conscious population
  146. No Capital punishment
  147. Grey Cup Parties
  148. Back bacon
  149. High levels of social mobility
  150. We are safe and happy!

I have so much appreciation for our beautiful country. Comment below why you love Canada. Wishing everyone a fun and safe long weekend as we celebrate Canada day!

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