Cowgirlin’ at the Calgary Stampede

This year I was lucky enough to go to Calgary for the stampede. The weather was gorgeous – over 30 degrees everyday. It was tons of fun, and we made so many memories.  We stayed at a hotel called the Aloft by the University of Calgary. It was decorated modern and trendy, and was only a two minute walk from the C train. Honestly, it was the perfect place to spend the weekend.

On Sunday night, Kenzie and I went to see the Chainsmokers perform. We met two girls there that night – both named Alex – and we all hit it off. We spent the whole night with them; it was awesome to make new friends. The Chainsmokers put on an unreal show. Eventually, we were able to inch our way close to the stage. I spent the whole night dancing and singing. Yesterday, we went to Re:Grub before heading back home. I had a yummy milkshake with cotton candy. It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth for the week! Crazily enough, we ran into Alex and Alex at Re:Grub. Great minds think alike – milkshakes can easily cure any late night. Overall, it was an amazing weekend of hot sun, new friends, and great music. Stampede 2017 was great, and left me looking forward to next year!

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.54.10 PM

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