How to Survive Midterms Week

For all my fellow students out there, midterms week can be a major time of stress. I usually post on Tuesdays – but yesterday I had a bunch of exams. My blogging had to be temporarily put on the back burner. So, I thank you for your continual support and patience. Personally, I am in major focus mode throughout my exams. Here are some tips that I use to stay healthy and happy throughout this anxiety filled time.

  1. Study hard, not long. I spread out my studying throughout the week, to avoid cramming. When I am studying, I make sure to be fully engaged in the material, not distracted by my phone (or my cute puppy).
  2. Study in the same environment. This is one is backed by science! It is easier to recall information if you are studying it in a similar environment as your exam. Although I am studying at home or in the library, I use similar environmental cues that would be present on exam day. For example, I use the same blue pen when I am studying and when I actually write the exam.
  3. Concept-map your notes. Sometimes it feels easier just to memorize the notes, but the information does not stick as well that way. By thinking of the bigger picture, and how the concepts all relate, the material will be stored in your long-term memory.
  4. Try to relax. I have a personal rule that I am not allowed to study past 8:30 PM. At this time, I do something for myself to relax, whether it be take a bath or read a book.
  5. Know that your worth is not defined by your grades. I put so much pressure on myself to get good grades. I often have to step back and remind myself that I am enough, whether or not I get an A+ on the exam. Feeling some self-love actually allows me to do my best work while relieving some internal pressure.

Wishing you the best of luck on all of your exams. Remember that you are amazing, and you can get through this.

P.S. Stay tuned for a special Halloween post!

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